Mundipharma, Purdue and Esteve announce a global partnership to drive innovation in pain management

CAMBRIDGE, UK & BARCELONA, Spain I January 12, 2015 I Mundipharma Laboratories GmbH and its independent associated company, Purdue Pharmaceuticals LP, today announced that they have entered into a global multi programme discovery and development collaboration with Laboratorios Esteve, S.A. to bring to market important next generation products for the management of pain.

Under the agreements Mundipharma and Purdue could potentially make payments to Esteve exceeding $ 1 bn if all development, regulatory and sales milestones are met across the different programmes.

The agreements bring together mid-sized, privately owned companies in a strategic collaboration that leverages their individual strengths, combining Mundipharma’s and Purdue’s commitment to the development and commercialisation of novel pain treatments together with Esteve’s extensive pain focused research and development expertise, particularly in the field of sigma-1 receptor biology, where they have been R&D leaders for over 10 years.

One of the highly innovative assets covered by the collaboration is E-52862, a first-in-class new chemical entity targeting the sigma-1 receptor pathway, which is currently in Phase 2 trials covering multiple neuropathic pain indications.

The collaboration also includes access to MuMo-1, the lead asset of Esteve´s Multi-Modal (MuMo) technology platform which is currently in preclinical development with the potential to enhance sigma-1 asset properties through the introduction of additional characteristics that are tailored for specific disease states. Mundipharma and Purdue will have primary commercial rights for this asset and Esteve retains rights in certain territories.

Also included in the agreement is E-58425, a novel first-in-class patented API:API co-crystal of tramadol and celecoxib, which leverages the efficacy properties of both compounds while lowering the component dosages and associated adverse effects. A Phase 2 study in acute postoperative pain has shown that E-58425 demonstrated superior efficacy and safety over both placebo and a standard of care. The collaboration envisages Esteve commercialising E-58425 in the USA and Mundipharma in the rest of the world.

For Mundipharma and Purdue, the partnership will see the companies expand their pain franchise into neuropathic, acute and moderate pain in addition to existing expertise in opioids and severe pain. For Esteve, the agreements validate its consistent investment into innovative R&D as well as its continued emphasis on identifying novel approaches to treat the significant unmet medical needs of people living with pain.

Commenting on the partnership, Antony Mattessich, Managing Director, Mundipharma International, said:

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Esteve and the prospects for growth the partnership will bring. This strategic collaboration leverages the companies’ individual strengths, with our ability to bring products from the clinical process through to successful commercialisation complementing Esteve’s focus on discovering new molecules and approaches to the treatment of pain in the laboratory. Mundipharma, Purdue and Esteve are committed to driving innovation in the pain management space, so the collaboration is a natural fit.”

Albert Esteve, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Esteve, said:

“By combining Esteve’s, Mundipharma’s and Purdue’s complementary strengths and capabilities, we are creating opportunities to improve pain treatment options for patients and reaffirming our ongoing commitment to pain management. With our pain pipeline and Mundipharma’s and Purdue’s development, market access and commercialisation strengths, we are well-placed to work together to bring innovative new treatments to patients suffering from pain.”

The global pain market is valued at $37 bn. The neuropathic pain market is valued at $5.3 bn across US and EU5 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8% over the past five years.


About Mundipharma and Purdue

The Mundipharma and Purdue independent associated companies are privately owned companies and joint ventures covering the world's pharmaceutical markets. These companies are committed to bringing to patients the benefits of pioneering treatment options in the core therapy areas of pain, respiratory, oncology and inflammatory conditions. Through innovation, design and acquisition, the Mundipharma and Purdue independent associated companies deliver important treatments to meet the most pressing needs of patients, healthcare professionals and health systems worldwide.

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About Esteve

Esteve is a leading pharmaceutical chemical group based in Barcelona, Spain. Since it was founded in 1929, Esteve has been firmly committed to excellence in healthcare, dedicating efforts to innovative R&D of new medicines for unmet medical needs and focusing on high science and evidence-based research. Esteve has a strong partnership approach to drug discovery, development and commercialisation. The company works both independently and in collaboration to bring new, differentiated best-in-class treatments to patients who need them. The company currently employs 2,300 professionals and has subsidiaries and production facilities in several European countries, USA, China and Mexico.

SOURCE: Esteve

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