Open Monoclonal Technology Announces OmniRat Antibody License to Pfizer

PALO ALTO, CA, USA I September 18, 2012 I Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT), a provider of human therapeutic antibody technologies, today announced an agreement whereby Pfizer Inc., a global pharmaceutical company, will use OMT’s OmniRat™ for antibody research and development. OmniRat™ is a platform technology that generates fully human antibodies with great specificity, affinity and manufacturability. Using animals to make human antibodies saves time and money because the immune system optimizes antibodies naturally. Furthermore, OmniRat™ enables developers to skip humanization of animal-derived antibodies or lead-optimization of display candidates.

Dr. Roland Buelow, Founder and CEO of OMT, said: "OMT is pleased that Pfizer’s testing of our antibody platform showed that OmniRat makes antibodies just like normal rats and covers different epitopes than mice. OMT and Pfizer have performed in-depth characterization of OmniRat and generated antibodies binding to several different targets with subnanomolar affinities."

Dr. Jaume Pons, Chief Scientific Officer of Pfizer’s Rinat Laboratories, added: “Pfizer continues to remain a leader in biologics and the application of new and emerging technologies to accelerate discovery to address patient needs. We are pleased to include OmniRat as part of our capabilities.”

Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. – “naturally optimized human antibodies™”

Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT) is a leader in genetic engineering of animals for development of human therapeutic antibodies. OMT has developed OmniRat™, the first fully human monoclonal antibody platform using transgenic rats. OmniRat is based on an improved understanding of B cell development and a novel approach to inactivation of endogenous antibody expression. These transgenic animals make antibodies as efficiently as wild type animals. OmniRat is a new and proprietary technology with unrestricted development options for fully human monoclonal antibodies for all targets and indications worldwide.

SOURCE: Open Monoclonal Antibodies

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