AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology AG: deltaFLU - Innovative Vaccines for Intranasal Spray Delivery or Oral Administration

VIENNA, Aaustria I November 7, 2011 I Innovative vaccines for intranasal spray delivery or oral administration combine high efficacy with easy application.

For the first time study data are available on the vaccine in its trivalent composition: effective and safe

Now data are available from a clinical phase I/II study, in which the formation of influenza-specific antibodies and the safety of the innovative influenza vaccine deltaFLU in its final trivalent composition were tested on a total of 80 adults aged 18 to 60.

"We observed a significant increase in influenza-specific antibodies", reported Thomas Muster, Chief Executive & Scientific Officer of AVIR Green Hills. The side effects did not substantially differ from those in the placebo group.

Advantages of this novel vaccine

The deltaFLU vaccine is characterized by the deletion of its pathogenicity factor NS1 (i.e. the viral defense mechanism against the cellular immune response), which renders the vaccine viruses replication-deficient (i.e. they cannot multiply). This makes the vaccine very safe and triggers a strong immune response.

Thanks to its cross-protective nature, the novel vaccine also offers protection against distantly related influenza virus strains as well as those that have already undergone change.

Promising tests for oral administration

The Vienna biotech experts currently explore yet another innovative route of application for their influenza vaccine. As orally administered vaccines typically are just as or even more effective while production costs are lower, they also thoroughly study this option besides working on intranasal vaccination.

Rapid development of vaccine strains

Another asset of the biotech company is the fast and efficient production of virus strains. The so-called "reverse genetics" method makes it possible to develop a suitable vaccine strain against a wide variety of different influenza viruses.

Emerging markets: China and India

AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology AG is currently involved in advanced licensing negotiations with companies in China and India. "China and India are particularly interesting for us, because these countries have a high demand for innovative pharmaceuticals and local firms have discovered that the advantages our vaccines offer with respect to production and application are attractive", explains Martin Götting, Chief Business Officer of AVIR Green Hills. "Besides, the market potentials are highly attractive, because immunization coverage rates still need to be considerably expanded in Asia."

AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology AG

is a biopharmaceutical company based in Vienna, Austria. The company's core competence is the development of innovative vaccines against viral infections and cancer.

SOURCE: AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology

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