Overview On 2006 Sales Of TOP 20 Biologics To Be Released On February 26

A free compilation of the 2006 sales of the TOP 20 blockbuster and other major recombinant antibodies and proteins will be provided by La Merie Business Intelligence starting February 26

BARCELONA, Spain | Feb 02, 2007 | The Business Intelligence firm La Merie S.L. announced that it will release the second edition of its compilation of the sales of “TOP 20 Biologics”, now fro 2006, on February 26, 2007. The compilation contains 2006 sales and growth rates of the single best selling biologic products and of classes of therapeutic biologics (recombinant antibodies and proteins & peptides). The product can be obtained as a free download on the website www.pipelinereview.com starting February 26 or by free e-mail delivery. For more details please visit La Merie’s News Center and Online Store www.pipelinereview.com

About La Merie

La Merie S.L. is a Business Intelligence enterprise fully dedicated to provide high quality R&D information to the biopharmaceutical industry. La Merie offers individual consultancy services and publishes reports and periodicals. For more information visit www.lamerie.com.

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PipelineReview.com is the News Center and Online Store of La Merie Business Intelligence focused on Research and Development in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. Visitors of PipelineReview.com will find R&D relevant press releases and can receive selected R&D news from one or more of the site’s News Channels. A free R&D Newletter conveniently brings via e-mail a daily selection of the most interesting news from biopharmaceutical R&D. For more information visit www.pipelinereview.com

About TOP 20 Biologics 2006

As in the previous year, La Merie Business Intelligence provides an analysis of the top selling recombinant antibodies and proteins of the past full year. The compilation will list the TOP 20 Biologics and rank the commercially most successful classes of biologic products (excluding vaccines). In addition, a list of the TOP 10 biologics selling companies will be presented. The compilation "TOP 20 Biologics" can be acquired as a free download or by e-mail delivery. For more details please visit www.pipelinereview.com

SOURCE: La Merie Business Intelligence

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