TUEBINGEN and MUNICH, Germany I December 21, 2017 I Immatics, a leading company in the field of cancer immunotherapy, announced today that Roche has exercised its option under the existing discovery, development and commercialization agreement between the companies to exclusively license from Immatics a proprietary immunotherapy target for further development and commercialization in oncology.

The target was identified and validated using Immatics’ world-leading XPRESIDENT® technology platform. Successful development and subsequent commercialization of cancer immunotherapies directed against this target would trigger payment of additional development and sales milestones by Roche to Immatics, as well as royalty payments on worldwide net sales.

Dr Harpreet Singh, Chief Scientific Officer at Immatics, said: “We are very pleased to see that a novel immunotherapy directed against an Immatics target is progressed towards the clinic. This is yet another validation from a global leader in oncology of the quality and potential of the XPRESIDENT® platform and Immatics’ targets for cancer therapy.”

About Immatics

Immatics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company spearheading the development of advanced immunotherapies that are active against multiple cancer indications. Based in Tuebingen, Germany, and Houston, Texas, the company has recognized that novel, better and safer targets are the key to developing future cancer immunotherapies. Immatics has revolutionized the identification and qualification of novel, proprietary and tumor-specific peptide antigens (TUMAPs) by developing its world-leading T-cell receptor (TCR) and target discovery platform XPRESIDENT®. TUMAPs significantly expand the target space for immune-oncology as they are not limited to surface proteins, which are the targets of classical antibodies or CAR-T therapies. Immatics believes that, by using its proprietary expertise, it can unlock the significant potential of immune-oncology drugs, such as adoptive cellular therapies, biologicals and vaccines to improve the treatment of a wide range of cancers.

Immatics’ pipeline includes several bispecific TCR molecules and T-cell therapy programs, including ACTolog® and ACTengine® which are developed in collaboration through Immatics US with MD Anderson, and co-funded by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). By using its world-leading target and TCR discovery expertise, Immatics aims to deliver safer, best-in-class immunotherapies to cancer patients with high medical need in multiple indications.

About XPRESIDENT® Technology

XPRESIDENT® is the most sensitive, accurate and highest-throughput technology capable of identifying targets in virtually any type of cancer. This proprietary technology provides novel, highly-specific, and safe cancer targets that are pivotal for developing a range of powerful immunotherapies with the potential to cure cancer. The cancer targets identified by XPRESIDENT® are peptides presented by human leukocyte antigen (HLA) receptors on the surface of tumor cells. Classical antibody and CAR-T therapies are restricted to cell surface proteins, which constitute only about 20-25% of all available targets on a solid tumor. XPRESIDENT® unlocks all intracellular antigens, increasing the target space by more than 4-fold.

SOURCE: Immatics