SAN RAFAEL, CA, USA I September 06, 2023 I IMIDomics Inc., a patient-centric drug discovery and development company focused on Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs), today announced an exclusive license agreement with TNAX Biopharma Corporation (TNAX), an innovator in biotechnology. Under this agreement, TNAX is granting IMIDomics the worldwide rights to develop, manufacture, commercialize and sublicense IMB1001, a highly promising humanized antibody targeting CD226, a breakthrough target with the potential to treat IMIDs.

CD226 was identified by IMIDomics as a priority target using the company’s proprietary Clinical Discovery Engine™, a multidimensional, integrated, and data-driven platform for uncovering the underlying mechanisms of IMIDs. This identification of CD226 and the subsequent licensing of IMB1001, a promising preclinical drug candidate, validates IMIDomics’ approach to accelerating the development of treatments for these complex conditions.

“We are delighted to partner with TNAX to further advance the development of IMB1001,” said H. Daniel Perez, MD, Chief Development Officer of IMIDomics. “In licensing this promising new drug candidate, we are demonstrating our commitment to applying our proprietary Clinical Discovery Engine™ in service of discovering and developing impactful medicines for IMID patients and underscoring our confidence in the potential of this therapeutic candidate.”

Perez continued, saying, “TNAX’s expertise in CD226 makes them an ideal collaborator to bring this groundbreaking therapy to patients. This license reinforces our commitment to addressing unmet medical needs and improving the lives of individuals suffering from IMID-related conditions. The license of IMB1001 from TNAX accelerated our efforts to translate our scientific discoveries into meaningful therapeutic options. We are confident that IMIDomics’ resources and expertise will enable the development of this potentially life-changing therapy for patients worldwide.”

IMB1001 is a pre-clinical drug candidate with a one-of-a-kind mechanism of action that has potentially broad applicability across multiple diseases, especially for patients who do not respond to, or cannot tolerate, the current standard of care. IMIDomics aims to accelerate development of IMB1001 and maximize its application across multiple IMIDs.

IMB1001 specifically targets CD226, also known as DNAX accessory molecule-1 (DNAM-1), a transmembrane glycoprotein that plays a crucial role in the immune response, offering a promising avenue for effective treatment. Expression of the immunoreceptor CD226 and its ligand CD155 is negligible in healthy tissues, but both are significantly upregulated during the inflammatory response. IMB1001 blocks CD226 signaling thereby downregulating the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, increasing levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines, and upregulating Treg function. Additionally, the mouse surrogate antibody TX42.2, also licensed to IMIDomics, demonstrated anti-fibrotic activity in animal models, indicating a disease-modifying effect.

The licensing agreement encompasses all patents, rights, and know-how related to the compound, including its use in both humans and animals. While the financial terms of the agreement remain confidential, it includes upfront payments, milestone achievements and royalties.

“We are excited to join forces with IMIDomics in the development of this exceptional humanized antibody targeting CD226,” said Tak Mukohira, CEO & Co-founder of TNAX. “This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to pioneer innovative therapies and transform patient outcomes.”

With the licensing agreement in place, IMIDomics and TNAX are poised to unlock the full therapeutic potential of IMB1001. Both companies look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will ultimately bring hope and improved treatment options to IMID patients in need.

About IMIDomics

IMIDomics is a biotechnology company focused on patient-centric drug discovery for immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs). Our goal is to discover new and impactful IMID drugs by focusing on carefully selected patients, and stratifying populations to identify those most likely to respond. IMIDomics is powered by a unique Clinical Discovery Engine™, which integrates and analyzes proprietary clinical, epidemiological and patient-derived biomolecular datasets, generated in partnership with the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research, to establish a deeper understanding of IMID diseases. IMIDomics has identified previously unrecognized targets, six of which have been selected for development within IMIDomics’ active drug pipeline. By relying on access to well-defined patients and their clinically relevant samples, IMIDomics enhances the probability of successful IMID drug discovery and development for those in need.

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About TNAX

TNAX Biopharma Corporation (TNAX Biopharma) is a biopharmaceutical company that develops novel antibody therapeutics for unmet medical needs of patients with intractable diseases. The company develops mAb drugs targeting immunoreceptors and/or ligands, which play important roles in immunity and inflammation. TNAX101A acts in a pleiotropic, synergistic, and rippled way and inhibits innate and adaptive immunities. It collaborates with the University of Tsukuba to discover and develop its pipeline products. The company operates in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan and is headquartered in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

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SOURCE: TNAX Biopharma