First TREATTM Trispecific Antibody Targeting BCMA and CD38, ISB 2001, is on Track to Enter Clinical Development in 2023

NEW YORK, NY, USA I May 9, 2022 I Ichnos Sciences Inc., a clinical-stage global biotechnology company developing innovative multispecific antibodies for oncology, today announced the selection of ISB 2001, its first TREAT1 trispecific antibody, which engages BCMA x CD38 x CD3, as its next candidate to move into clinical development. The company has initiated IND-enabling studies for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma and aims to advance ISB 2001 to a first-in-human study once clearance from the health authorities is received in 2023.

ISB 2001 is the first T cell-engaging antibody that targets BCMA and CD38 on multiple myeloma cells. It is a trispecific antibody based on BEAT® 2.0 technology2, a proprietary platform allowing maximal flexibility and manufacturability of full length multispecific antibodies. Additional ISB 2001 details include:

  • ISB 2001 combines three proprietary fragment antigen-binding arms, each targeting a different antigen, with one arm binding to the epsilon chain of CD3 on T cells, and the other two binding BCMA and CD38 on myeloma cells. Its fragment crystallizable (Fc) domain was fully silenced to suppress Fc effector functions.
  • In vitro studies showed that ISB 2001 exhibited increased killing potency of tumor cells compared to all tested antibodies that are either currently approved therapeutics for multiple myeloma or being tested in ongoing clinical studies. In vivo studies in the multiple myeloma models also demonstrated superior potency of ISB 2001 relative to approved antibody treatments of multiple myeloma.
  • ISB 2001 redirects CD3+ T lymphocytes to kill tumor cells expressing low to high levels of both BCMA and CD38.
  • With two different tumor-associated antigens instead of one, ISB 2001 has increased binding specificity to multiple myeloma cells due to enhanced avidity-based binding.

“This milestone represents another exciting step forward as Ichnos moves its first trispecific antibody targeting BCMA and CD38 into IND-enabling studies for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma,” said Cyril Konto, M.D., President and CEO of Ichnos. “We have made tremendous progress with our proprietary BEAT® 2.0 platform and are excited about advancing our first TREAT trispecific antibody candidate to clinic in 2023.”

Ichnos’ pipeline continues to expand, and the selection of ISB 2001 as Ichnos’ next clinical candidate follows the decision to advance ISB 1442, a CD38 x CD47 biparatopic bispecific antibody for hematologic malignancies, in August 2021. A first-in-human study with ISB 1442 is planned to start in mid-2022. Ichnos’ lead clinical candidate, ISB 1342, a CD38 x CD3 bispecific antibody, continues to enroll patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma in an ongoing Phase 1, dose escalation and expansion study.

About Ichnos Sciences Inc.

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1 TREAT: Trispecific Engagement by Antibodies based on the TCR
2 BEAT®: Bispecific Engagement by Antibodies based on the TCR

SOURCE: Ichnos Sciences