• Development of Bacteriophages targeting strains causing urinary tract infections
  • Establishment of collaboration with the US Army and investigation of groundwork for entering the US defense market

BOSTON, MA, USA and SEOUL, South Korea I September 3, 2023 I iNtRON Biotechnology (“iNtRON”, www.intodeworld.com) has announced today that its New Drug Part has entered into an official contract with the U.S. Army DEVCOM (U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command) International Technology Center Indo-Pacific and  Solider Center to develop bacteriophages for combating Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) infections.

DEVCOM, a subcommand of the U.S. Army Futures Command, focuses on development of advanced innovation technology to enhance combat and survival capabilities of the U.S. military. It has been working on a project to develop products that address the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) among Soldiers exposed to austere environments such as when deployed or undergoing training.

Despite employing various methods, including synthetic antibiotics, to treat UTIs, issues like antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections haven’t been resolved. However, through the efforts of key DEVCOM personnel, they became acquainted with the bacteriophage platform technology of iNtRON. Subsequently, after in-depth technological reviews and research planning, the project has been selected under the U.S. Army FTAS (Foreign Technology Assessment Support) program.

Dr. SON, Ji-soo, the head of the BD Department said that “Urinary tract infections require a treatment through prolonged antibiotic administration, but in environments where continuous antibiotic usage is not easy, there’s a significant risk of recurrence and chronicity. Bacteriophages can overcome the shortcomings of general antibiotics, making them highly suitable for combating UTIs.” He added, “The UPEC project with DEVCOM is planned to proceed in stages, initially feasibility demonstrations with potential follow on pilot product development, small scale clinical trials, regulatory approval and final product development. In this project, iNtRON will develop bacteriophages targeting UPEC first, while DEVCOM will support initial feasibility demonstration through the funded program.”

Mr. YOON, Kyung-won, CEO of iNtRON, remarked, “The current UPEC project holds great significance as an official contract with a U.S. government agency, potentially serving as a stepping stone for entering the U.S. defense market. Additionally, based on the bacteriophages obtained through this project, the goal is to expand into large-scale projects for clinical trials and product development in the future while establishing relations with the U.S. Army.”

About iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc.

iNtRON (www.iNtODEWORLD.com) is a bio-new drug developing venture company and a leader in bacteriophage-based technology for human with aim to develop and investigate into the ‘Immune & Immunotherapeutics’ market. While pursuing global research and business development (R&BD) investments since the foundation and accelerated development after entering its IPO in KOSDAQ, the company honed in on innovating BIO New Drugs by developing various ‘First-in-Class” and “First-in-Concept’ bio-drugs and conducting clinical studies in phases. The Company is committed to development of innovative innovation in the infectious diseases and ‘Immune & Immunotherapeutics’ area.

SOURCE: iNtRON Biotechnology