Glycotope and Evotec enter licensing agreement to combine Glycotope antibodies and Evotec’s immune cell engager platform

BERLIN, Germany I December 11, 2023 I Glycotope GmbH (Glycotope) has signed an agreement with Evotec SE (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: EVT, MDAX/TecDAX, ISIN: DE0005664809; NASDAQ: EVO) to combine Glycotope’s antibodies with Evotec’s immune cell engager platform for the development of next generation immune cell engaging bispecifics by Evotec.

First generation immune cell engager (ICE) bispecifics have revolutionized liquid tumor therapy but have had limited success so far in solid tumors due to, among other factors, a high risk of off-target toxicity. The ability of Glycotope’s antibodies to target highly specific tumor-associated protein/carbohydrate combined glyco-epitopes (GlycoTargets) means that their combination with the Evotec platform has significant potential to develop next generation ICE bispecifics to address solid tumor indications.

“The applicability of Glycotope antibodies to many different tumor indications, combined with good tumor selectivity makes them ideal targeting moieties for our novel, proprietary immune cell engager platform,” stated Dr Cord Dohrmann, Chief Scientific Officer of Evotec SE.

“We are excited about combining these two highly innovative technologies to explore the development of next generation immune cell engaging bispecifics in a range of potential indications, including solid tumors,” said Henner Kollenberg, CEO, Glycotope. 

“This strategic relationship significantly expands the possible areas of application for our antibodies, and we are delighted to have been able to forge this exciting partnership with Evotec. Combining the unrivaled specificity of our antibodies with Evotec’s ability to create best in class bispecifics provides us with an excellent opportunity to explore potentially life changing treatments for patients across a range of indications,” commented Patrik Kehler, CSO, Glycotope. 

About Glycotope Antibodies

Glycotope’s antibodies target specific tumor-associated carbohydrate structures or protein/carbohydrate combined glyco-epitopes (GlycoTargets). Targeting these specific antigens enables broad indication range, long-term treatment potential and reduced on-target/off tumor toxicity, key elements of highly potent therapies. Based on this unrivalled tumor-specificity, Glycotope’s antibodies are highly suitable for a multi-function platform approach with independent modes of action to provide a tailored therapy format for as many patients as possible.

About Evotec

Evotec is a life science company with a unique business model that delivers on its mission to discover and develop highly effective therapeutics and make them available to the patients. The Company’s multimodality platform comprises a unique combination of innovative technologies, data and science for the discovery, development, and production of first-in-class and best-in-class pharmaceutical products. Evotec leverages this “Data-driven R&D Autobahn to Cures” for proprietary projects and within a network of partners including all Top 20 Pharma and over 800 biotechnology companies, academic institutions, as well as other healthcare stakeholders. Evotec has strategic activities in a broad range of currently underserved therapeutic areas, including e.g. neurology, oncology, as well as metabolic and infectious diseases. Within these areas of expertise, Evotec aims to create the world-leading co-owned pipeline for innovative therapeutics and has to-date established a portfolio of more than 200 proprietary and co-owned R&D projects from early discovery to clinical development. Evotec operates globally with more than 5,000 highly qualified people. The Company’s 17 sites offer highly synergistic technologies and services and operate as complementary clusters of excellence. For additional information please go to

About Glycotope

Glycotope is a biotechnology company utilizing a proprietary technology platform to develop uniquely tumor-specific monoclonal antibodies. Our antibodies target specific tumor-associated carbohydrate structures or protein/carbohydrate combined glyco-epitopes (GlycoTargets). Glycotope has to date discovered in excess of 200 GlycoTargets with antibodies against several of these targets currently under development.

Based on their superior tumor-specificity, our antibodies are suitable for development in an array of different modes of action including naked antibodies, bispecifics, antibody-drug-conjugates, cellular therapies or fusion-proteins. Visit

SOURCE: Glycotope