OXFORD, UK I September 21, 2015 I Glide Technologies, the development company focused on solid dose formulations of therapeutics and vaccines, today announced that it has entered a collaboration with German biotechnology company Cilian AG to develop a solid dose formulation of Cilian’s experimental recombinant influenza vaccine, CiFlu®, for delivery using Glide’s patient-friendly SDI® delivery device.  Initial results from the collaboration demonstrate extremely robust room-temperature stability for the solid dose CiFlu® formulation, and preclinical potency testing is planned to confirm the potential for an enhanced immune response to the vaccine, before the year end.

CiFlu® is produced in the unicellular organism Tetrahymena thermophila using recombinant DNA technology, which has the potential to increase the speed, reliability and quality of manufacture.  Currently, influenza vaccines are reformulated each year due to changes in circulating viruses, and this process can take up to 28 weeks, leading to delays in the vaccination of vulnerable groups.  In contrast, the CiFlu® process has the potential to reduce production by at least ten weeks.  These advantages are complemented by Glide’s solid dose formulation technology, which offers the potential of improved vaccine stability removing the need for costly cold-chain distribution and storage.  In addition, delivery using Glide’s proprietary needle-free SDI® device has the potential to enhance immune responses to the vaccine and increase immunisation rates amongst those with needle phobia.

Dr Mark Carnegie-Brown, Glides CEO commented, This exciting programme builds on Glides earlier success stabilising anthrax vaccine antigens in solid dose formulations.  Together with Cilian we have the opportunity to develop safe and effective influenza vaccines that can be manufactured rapidly and distributed efficiently without the need for a costly and cumbersome cold chain.

About Glide Technologies 

Glide is a development company focused on solid dose formulations of therapeutics and vaccines. It has a growing pipeline of products based on its proprietary solid dose injector, the Glide SDI®, which offers the potential of improved compliance in long-term therapy and enhanced immune responses to vaccines. Glide’s pipeline of solid dose formulations includes octreotide, parathyroid hormone and anthrax and influenza vaccines.  

The company has a strong management team with extensive experience of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device sectors.  Glide Technologies has successfully completed five investment rounds, and is supported by a consortium of institutional and private technology investors, including Invesco Perpetual, Oxford Technology Venture Capital Trusts, Oxford Capital Partners and Hygea VCT. For more information please visit http://www.glide-technologies.com.

SOURCE: Glide Technologies