• Poster on GNUV205 presented at the Immuno-Oncology Summit
  • GNUV205 demonstrates Genuv’s “no-alpha/attenuated beta fused with anti-PD-1” strategy to reduce toxicity

SEOUL, Republic of Korea & CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA I October 13, 2022 I Genuv Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on innovative drug discovery for degenerative central nervous system diseases and advanced immuno-oncology therapeutics, unveiled a new drug candidate, GNUV205, a fusion of engineered IL2 and anti-PD-1 antibody that advances immuno-oncology science. The drug candidate, for unspecified solid tumors, shows powerful anti-tumor activity without the toxicity typically associated with current IL-2 treatments.

“We are excited by the promise shown by GNUV205,” said Sungho Han, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Genuv. “Treatments targeting IL-2 are uniquely powerful, but have typically been plagued by systemic toxicity issues. Our strategy using a ‘no-alpha but attenuated beta gamma’ IL-2 variant fused with a unique anti-PD-1 via Genuv’s proprietary hetero Fc technology shows stronger binding affinity in the tumor microenvironment compared to marketed treatments Proleukine®, Keytruda® and Opdivo® without Treg cell expansion.”

Jenny Choih, Ph.D., K.M.D., Genuv’s director of clinical development and president of its U.S. subsidiary, said, “The preclinical results we will be sharing at the Immuno-Oncology Summit demonstrate conclusively how our drug candidate GNUV205 overcomes the limitations seen with many immune checkpoint inhibitors as well as IL-2 treatment. Many patients become refractory and need additional treatment options. In addition, for many patients, treatment can be limited by the severe systemic toxicities associated with traditional IL-2 treatments.”

Genuv recently opened a U.S. subsidiary in Cambridge, MA to facilitate partnering activities and speed clinical development of GNUV205 and other immuno-oncology drug candidates.

Dr. Choih presented the poster with preclinical data on GNUV205. Details of the presentations are shown below.

Immuno-Oncology Summit: Oct. 12-14, Boston, MA

Poster number: P09
Title: GNUV205, a ‘No α and Attenuated IL-2’ Variant Fused with Novel Anti-PD-1, Potently Regresses Tumor Growth Without Toxicity via Selective Targeting to PD-1+ Teff Cell in Tumor Microenvironments
Presenter: Jenny Choih, Ph.D., K.M.D.

Genuv Inc. is a leader in discovering drugs for central nervous system (CNS) disorders and advanced antibody therapies. The ATRIVIEW® drug screening platform uses cell phenotypic and biomarker analyses to discover substances for the development of neurodegenerative disease treatment. The company’s SHINE MOUSE®, NuvoFc™ and NuvoMab™ platform generate antibodies with superior affinity, solubility, and stability. Based in Seoul, Korea, Genuv launched its first clinical trial in Korea in 2020. Genuv uses scientific imagination and unique platform technologies to overcome the challenges in debilitating diseases. Learn more at www.genuv.com.

About GNUV205
GNUV205 is a fusion protein designed to solve the chronic problems of immune checkpoint inhibitors and IL-2 therapy. GNUV205 is cross-reactive to mouse and human PD-1 and demonstrates stronger affinity for PD-1 in the low-pH tumor microenvironment. Developed with our proprietary NuvoFc™ heterodimeric antibody platform, GNUV205 overcomes the limitations of current IL-2 therapy by eliminating interactions with Treg cells and with selective but attenuated IL-2 signaling in Teff cells. The human-mouse cross reactivity of GNUV205 predicts strong efficacy and low toxicity in human trials, positioning the drug candidate as a novel therapeutic option that overcomes the traditional limitations of anti-PD-1 and IL-2 therapies.