SUZHOU, China I July 6, 2023 I GeneQuantum Healthcare, a leader in the innovative bioconjugation technologies for ADC new drug development, announced the expansion of its partnership with a South Korean biotech company Aimed Bio today. This strategic collaboration aims to jointly develop up to five new ADC drugs to address unmet clinical needs.

Since April of last year, GeneQuantum and Aimed Bio have been collaborating on the joint development of a FGFR3-targeting ADC named GQ1011/AMB302. The progress of this development was presented at the 13th World ADC 2022 and the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2023 Annual Meeting. The published results showcased the exceptional anti-cancer effects of this FGFR3-targeting ADC in in vivo models of bladder cancer and glioblastoma. Safety evaluations conducted in monkey models also showed positive results. Encouraged by these development achievements, the two companies have made the decision to expand their partnership in the joint development of up to five additional ADCs.

Dr. Gang Qin, the founder and CEO of GeneQuantum, stated, “The innovative ADC drug GQ1011 developed in collaboration with Aimed Bio has demonstrated excellent preclinical druggability data, fully showcasing the wide applicability and competitive advantage of GeneQuantum’s leading site-specific conjugation and linker-payload technologies. GeneQuantum has always adhered to the vision of open collaboration and innovative empowerment for ecosystem construction. With an integrated and holistic innovative conjugation solution as the hub, we gather advantages and resources from all parties, breaking fundamental bioconjugate drug development barrier through wide cooperation. This enables us to focus on the development of high-quality innovative ADC drugs that better meet the growing unmet clinical demand and provide improved treatment options for patients worldwide. The collaboration with Aimed Bio in the development of a series of innovative ADC drugs fully embodies GeneQuantum’s core technology and integration of various high-quality innovative resources from both international and domestic upstream and downstream sectors, presents a promising outlook for the revolutionary ADC therapy innovation.”

Dr. Do-Hyun Nam, Aimed Bio’s CTO, commented ” Through our collaboration with GeneQuantum, we aim to optimize resources by leveraging big data analysis and addressing high unmet needs to identify novel targets. We will utilize our proprietary translation platform to develop the most effective ADC platforms together.” Dr. Nam highlighted the potential of this collaboration to deliver innovative treatments for patients who has no other therapeutic options.

About GeneQuantum Healthcare

GeneQuantum is a global innovative biopharmaceutical company and one of the pioneers dedicated to the development of ADC drugs using enzyme-mediated site-specific conjugation technology. It has established comprehensive proprietary techniology system, iLDC® and iGDC®, which can provide end-to-end solutions for development and commercialization of multiple bioconjugate drug modalities including ADC. Based on the unique technology platform, GeneQuantum has successfully developed multiple clinically advanced innovative ADC products. GeneQuantum is committed to bringing revolutionized cancer therapy to patients worldwide through bioconjugate drug ecosystem construction. For more information, please visit:

About Aimed Bio:

Aimed Bio is an innovative biotechnology company that was spun off from Samsung Medical Center (SMC) in August 2018. The company aims to provide treatment solutions for patients with severe brain diseases, including neuro-oncology and neurodegenerative diseases, to save lives and improve patients’ quality of life. With a strong global network of key opinion leaders in the field of neuro-oncology and neurodegenerative diseases, an excellent research team, and a pipeline layout, Aimed Bio has emerged as an emerging leader in innovative therapies for brain diseases.

SOURCE: GeneQuantum Healthcare