Exclusive License to Accelerate Development of New Breakthrough Products based on Specific Variants of Human Fibrinogen

LEIDEN, The Netherlands I September 24, 2015 I Fibriant B.V., a developer of innovative fibrinogen technology, today announced that it has concluded an exclusive license agreement with the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) to allow the company to further build its unique fibrinogen technology platform.

Fibrinogen is an essential part of nature’s own injury-repair and defense mechanism, and occurs in blood in many different forms and shapes. Each variant has its own specific properties, and the ability to form fibrin networks with different structures and functions. This natural variation in fibrinogen, in both form and function, provides the key to creating improved solutions for a wide range of healthcare applications. The versatility of Fibriant’s technology platform enables the company to produce specific fibrinogen variants, either by sub-fractionation of human plasma fibrinogen, or by recombinant production in mammalian cells.

Jaap Koopman, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, said: “The TNO license provides broad protection and significantly enhances our competitive position in the rapidly growing fibrinogen market. Fibriant was recently founded by a small group of experts in the fibrinogen field with a strong track record in industry and academia. For our own proprietary product pipeline as well as for third parties we aim to develop specific fibrinogen variants for tissue repair, remodeling and regeneration, and tools to further explore the role of fibrinogen in inflammation and immune response.”

Niek Snoeij, Director of TNO’s Healthy Living focus area, said: “TNO is excited to support this new Dutch start-up company by providing the license that underpins its fibrinogen technology platform. It is part of TNO’s mission to support companies like Fibriant that form the backbone of the knowledge economy, and are instrumental in creating new economic activities in the Netherlands.”

About Fibriant (www.Fibriant.com)

Fibriant was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Leiden, The Netherlands. The company leverages its expertise in fibrinogen technology to develop innovative healthcare solutions. Human fibrinogen plays a pivotal role in blood clotting, tissue repair, and host defense mechanisms. Fibriant is led by a team with extensive scientific, product development and business experience. The company’s core activity is the manufacturing, and characterization of specific variants of fibrinogen. The company has a hybrid business model, using the fibrinogen technology platform for internal product and lead development as well as supporting product development of third parties.

SOURCE: Fibriant