SHANGHAI & SUZHOU, China & GERMANTOWN, MD, USA I September 26, 2023 I Elpiscience Biopharmaceuticals (“Elpiscience”), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering and developing next-generation cancer immunotherapies, announced today that the first patient has been dosed in a Phase 1 clinical trial of its anti-LILRB2 monoclonal antibody ES009 in Australia. The objective of the trial is to evaluate its safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and preliminary clinical activity.

LILRB2, also known as ILT4, is an inhibitory receptor widely expressed on the surface of myeloid cells that also contributes significantly to immune suppression in the tumor microenvironment (TME). ES009 specifically binds to a unique epitope on human LILRB2 and potently blocks LILRB2 binding to multiple ligands. By blocking LILRB2-mediated inhibitory signaling, ES009 can reprogram myeloid cells from anti-inflammatory phenotype into pro-inflammatory phenotype, and reinvigorate T cell functionalities. ES009 has demonstrated exceptional potential to reverse immune suppression in the TME and promote anti-tumor immunity in preclinical studies.

“LILRB2 is a key immune checkpoint for tumor immunotherapy whose suppression of immune response is proved as one mechanism of anti-PD(L)1 resistance. With a keen interest in revolutionizing therapies for cancer patients non-responsive or resistant to PD(L)1 treatment, we developed ES009 which has shown best-in-class potential. We believe in the power of enhanced innate immunity in treating cancer and have developed a highly differentiated myeloid cell focused therapeutics portfolio. We will work relentlessly to bring these highly promising therapies to cancer patients with unmet medical needs,” said Dr. Hongtao Lu, Co-founder and CSO of Elpiscience.

About Elpiscience

Elpiscience is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing life-changing immuno-oncology therapies for cancer patients worldwide. The company’s innovative approach is focused on removing immunosuppressive factors in the tumor microenvironment, by targeting the adenosine pathway and myeloid checkpoints. A pipeline of novel molecules has been developed using its proprietary platforms including a powerful Bispecific Macrophage Engager (BiME®) technology that connects and activates macrophages for solid tumor killing without causing cytokine storms.

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