Company exploring new and unconventional targets for hair loss treatment

Pompano Beach, FL, USA I February 26, 2015 I DS Healthcare Group, Inc. (DSKX), today announced that it has initiated synthesis of a new peptide for the treatment of hair loss and related conditions. The peptide works directly on the FGF5 (Fibroblast growth factor 5) pathway. Suppression of FGF5 has been shown to extend the anagen cycle of hair growth and causes more hair growth and longer hair. The new ingredient will be used to further enhance the company’s OTC hair treatments and lash products.

FGF-5 has shown suppressing activities on hair growth by inhibiting anagen proceeding and inducing the transition from anagen to catagen phase; leading to hair aging and subsequently loss. In vivo studies have demonstrated that blocking of FGF-5 gene prolongs anagen VI phase of hair cycle, resulting in long hairs in animals. FGF-5S, a shorter polypeptide translated from alternatively spliced FGF-5 mRNA, was found to be suppressing these undesirable activities of FGF-5. These early finding establish FGF-5 antagonism as a viable strategy for increased hair growth. This new peptide is designed specifically to antagonize effects of FGF-5 by aligning with receptor binding sites and preventing FGF-5 from accessing the receptors.

Brijesh Patel, MS, PhD, head of research and development of DS Healthcare Group stated, ‘”This new ingredient will expand our portfolio of effective hair growth agents for use in topical products. It is a completely new peptide that does not exist in commercial use today. We are excited about its potential to enhance existing therapies for the scalp and eyelashes.”

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