TOKYO, Japan I November 1, 2021 I Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (hereafter, Daiichi Sankyo) today announced that it has launched DELYTACT® (teserpaturev/G47∆)*1, an oncolytic virus developed by the company in collaboration with Professor Tomoki Todo (hereinafter, Dr. Todo) of the Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo.

DELYTACT® received conditional and time-limited marketing approval in Japan as a regenerative medical product for treatment of malignant glioma in June 2021 based on results from a Japanese phase 2 clinical trial (investigator-initiated trial) in patients with glioblastoma*2 (a type of malignant glioma*3) conducted by Dr. Todo.

For the time being, DELYTACT® will be commercially available only at hospitals that served as trial sites. Daiichi Sankyo will establish a stable supply system of the medicine as soon as possible.

Daiichi Sankyo is pleased to offer DELYTACT® as a new option for the treatment of malignant glioma and to contribute to the high unmet medical needs of patients suffering from this brain cancer.

Brief description of DELYTACT®

  Brand Name DELYTACT®
  Non-proprietary Name Teserpaturev

Indication or


Malignant glioma

Dosage and

Administration or

Method of Use

The usual adult dosage is 1 mL (1 × 109 PFU) of DELYTACT®

administered intratumorally. In principle, the first and second doses are separated by 5 to 14 days, and each of the third and subsequent doses is

separated from the previous dose by 4 weeks. Up to 6 doses may be



Approval Conditions

and Time Limit

Approval Conditions

1. The applicant is required to ensure that the product is used by a neurosurgeon with sufficient knowledge and experience in treatment of malignant glioma and neurosurgical procedures who has been

adequately informed of clinical study results and adverse events of the product in an environment that ensures appropriate actions such as

monitoring with laboratory tests and management.

2. The applicant is required to conduct a post-marketing approval condition evaluation in all patients treated with the product until a


marketing approval application is submitted again after the conditional

time-limited authorization

3. The applicant is required to ensure that the product is used in compliance with Provisions for Type 1 Use authorized under the Act

on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity

through Regulations on the Use of Living Modified Organisms

(Cartagena Act) (Act No. 97 of 2003) through necessary actions such as dissemination of the provisions for use of genetically modified living organisms.

Time limit

7 years

NHI drug price (yen) 1,431,918 per 1-mL vial  
Date of approval for marketing June 11, 2021  

Date of listing on the

NHI Drug Tariff

August 12, 2021  
Date of launch November 1, 2021  


authorization holder

Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited  

*1 DELYTACT® (teserpaturev/G47∆) is a genetically engineered oncolytic herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) developed by Dr. Todo and his colleagues. DELYTACT® has triple mutations within the viral genome that cause augmented and selective replication in cancer cells (third generation oncolytic HSV-1).

*2 Glioblastoma is highly malignant glioma (grade IV) and found in approximately 60% to 70% of patients with malignant glioma.

*3 Of glioma which is a primary brain tumor that originates in glial cells of a supporting tissue for neurons, highly malignant grade III and IV tumors are defined as malignant glioma, which is estimated to affect approximately 2,800 persons in Japan annually.

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