BOSTON, MA, USA and NOIDA, India I February 15, 2024 ICuradev is excited to introduce CRD3874, a first-in-class allosteric small molecule STING agonist, with distinct pharmacological properties that distinguish it from agents that bind to STING’s cGAMP site. An intravenous formulation of this lead asset (CRD3874-SI) recently received approval from the US FDA for use in first-in-human studies in patients with advanced solid cancers. 

Pre-clinical studies presented by Curadev at the annual meeting of the Society of Immunotherapy of Cancer in San Diego, USA, in November 2023, showed that intravenous regimens of the drug caused robust immune-mediated tumor clearance in a range of tumor types in mice and that intravenous twice-weekly doses of CRD3874 as a single agent were well tolerated in monkeys. These features of CRD3874-SI predict a high therapeutic index in humans and support clinical investigation of this agent in cancer patients. 

The poster was co-authored by Dr. Ciara Kelly, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, who is the PI for the FIH study (NCT06021626). Monali Banerjee, VP R&D at Curadev, who leads the STING programs and is the lead author of the poster, said, “CRD3874 is clearly unlike CDN-competitive STING agonists, since its distinct pharmacology and tolerability appear to be related to its allosteric binding mode. We are hopeful that the promising preclinical studies presented here will speak to the therapeutic potential of immune activation by CRD3874-SI in the context of advanced cancer in humans.”

Link to Poster abstract:
Systemic delivery of novel, allosteric STING agonist CRD3874-SI leads to robust anti-cancer activity by generating pro-inflammatory Type I IFN signals while blocking proton channel mediated toxicity.

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