DOVER, DE, USA I March 18, 2024 I Brenig Therapeutics, a portfolio company of Torrey Pines Investments, OrbiMed Advisors, and BioGeneration Ventures, focusing on treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, presented new safety data on its LRRK2 inhibitor drug candidate at the ACS Spring 2024 Conference at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, on March 17th, 2024.

Brenig’s innovative approach to the rationally designed LRRK2 inhibitor (BT-0267) marks a significant stride in the company’s mission to combat neurodegenerative diseases. LRRK2, a key protein implicated in Parkinson’s disease (PD), has been a challenging therapeutic target. Brenig’s cutting-edge research has culminated in the development of a candidate with a highly efficient blood-brain barrier penetration, minimal peripheral exposure, as well as a superior overall safety profile.

Current data highlights the superior safety profile of LRRK2 Inhibitor BT-0267 with an exceptional CSF to plasma ratio, in vivo efficacy of BT-0267 in brain and no visible lung and kidney morphological changes compared to other LRRK2 inhibitor candidates. BT-0267 will be entering human clinical trials by the end of 2024.

Brenig’s breakthrough efforts in developing the best-in-class LRRK2 inhibitor for the disease modifying treatment of PD population, including idiopathic PD (iPD) cases, have been supported by the cutting-edge computer-aided drug design and structural biology expertise of Expert Systems Accelerator.

About Brenig Therapeutics

Brenig Therapeutics is a European science-based venture dedicated to pioneering breakthrough treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. With a focus on developing innovative therapies, Brenig is committed to advancing the field of neurology through cutting-edge research and strategic partnerships.

SOURCE: Brenig Therapeutics