STUTTGART, Germany I July 07, 2024 I Sales of therapeutic antibodies have seen a tremendous growth over the last two decades with highlighted by a nearly four-fold increase from US$ 65 bln in the year 2012 to US$ 251 bln in the year 2023. The strong growth of antibody sales in the last year was mainly driven by novel anti-inflammatory antibodies and immuno-oncology antibodies. Novel technologies are spurring the R&D pipeline of antibody drug candidates against established as well as novel targets.

To stay informed about antibody targets, technologies and R&D pipeline, La Merie Publishing is offering a convenient database tool, at present with a 10% discount for a limited period of time, available as a 1-year subscription:

Antibody Target, Technology & Pipeline Database: 1-Year Subscription

Subscription to La Merie Publishing’s proprietary Antibody Database provides online access to information about more than 7,100 project entries for therapeutic antibodies on the market and in research & development. Pre-established and free search functions allow to identify antibodies according to their

  • Technology (e.g. antibody-drug conjugate, bispecific, T cell recruiting)
  • Target (e.g. PD-1/PD-L1, CLDN18.2, CD38, nectin-4, TROP-2, DLL3 etc)
  • Pipelines (selected by target, therapeutic area, company, technology)
  • Sales (for marketed antibodies)
  • R&D Phase (clinical phases, market, preclinical)
  • Territory (countrywise)
  • Therapeutic Area (e.g. infectious, oncology, gastrointestinal)
  • Drug Code/Name (for individual molecules)

Data sets of interest can be printed and exported as reports in Excel or Word format. The R&D history of each project with online references of information sources can be viewed and printed. Sales figures of major therapeutic antibodies on the market are provided. An advanced search function allows to combine search parameters. A scroll down menu for predefined targets and technologies conveniently selects projects of interest.

Only Prerequisite: Internet access

Purchase of the subscription provides a 1-year online access to the data of the Antibody Target, Technology & Pipeline Database. Credentials to access the database will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours after purchase.

A subscription to the database “Antibody Target, Technology & Pipeline Database: 1-Year Subscription” can be acquired at La Merie Publishing’s online store:

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