CAMBRIDGE, UK I October 6, 2022 I Amphista Therapeutics Ltd., a global leader in the discovery and development of next generation targeted protein degradation (TPD) therapeutics and recently named Fierce Biotech, Fierce 15 winner for 2022, has selected Domainex Ltd as one of its trusted partners to provide integrated drug discovery services to support its research programmes. Domainex, a leading, multi-award winning, integrated medicines research services partner, will provide expertise in protein production, assay biology and medicinal chemistry.

Domainex has experience in the field of TPD with expertise in designing, synthesising, and profiling targeted heterobifunctional protein degraders. Domainex has established in vitro binary and ternary complex formation assays to confirm target engagement using its suite of biophysical technologies. This expertise makes Domainex an ideal partner to support Amphista’s TPD programmes.

“We are delighted to have been selected by Amphista Therapeutics to help them advance their portfolio of drug discovery projects, building on our previous collaboration”, said Tom Mander, CEO of Domainex. “Our skilled, multi-disciplinary, integrated team of medicinal chemists, cell biologists, biophysicists and protein scientists based at our Centres of Excellence within the Cambridge bioscience hub will work closely with the scientific leadership team at Amphista to advance their cutting-edge protein degrading technology. This new contract is further testament to the appeal of the innovative and unique drug discovery platform we have created to enrich the medicines pipeline of our partners.”

Amphista CEO, Nicki Thompson, added: “Amphista is expanding rapidly at our Granta Park, Cambridge, UK research hub as we advance our growing internal TPD portfolio and our recently signed research collaborations with BMS and Merck Healthcare. To support our planned growth, we’re also excited to expand our network of contract research collaborators and work with Domainex with their high-quality chemistry, assay biology & biophysical expertise as we tap into the rich expertise in the Cambridge, UK area.”

SOURCE: Amphista Therapeutics