• Data support ongoing development of affinity-tuned CAR T therapy AIC100 targeting additional ICAM-1 expressing solid tumor types.
  • AIC100 currently in a Phase 1 study for patients with anaplastic and poorly differentiated thyroid cancer.

NATICK, MA, USA I April 09, 2024 I AffyImmune, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to developing novel, first-in-class, affinity-tuned CAR T cell therapies, presented preclinical data on new indications for its lead program, AIC100, at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2024. The data showcases the efficacy of AIC100 in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and cervical cancer in preclinical models expressing cell surface ICAM-1.

Affinity tuned AIC100 is expected to selectively bind and kill tumor cells expressing cell surface ICAM-1 while sparing healthy cells.

The preclinical studies demonstrated that AIC100 exhibited potent cytotoxic activity against ICAM-1-positive NSCLC and cervical cancer cell lines in vitro, resulting in 100% cell death within 72 hours. The investigational affinity-tuned CAR T candidate AIC100 also demonstrated remarkable efficacy in NSCLC and cervical cancer xenograft models, with the active arm showing a significant reduction in tumor size and an increase in survival compared to placebo.

“We are excited to share preclinical proof-of-concept data for our affinity-tuned CAR T program AIC100 in new solid tumor types. Advanced stage cervical cancer and NSCLC represent significant unmet medical needs, with patients experiencing poor outcomes and a 5-year survival rate ranging from approximately 10 to 20%,” said Matt Britz, CEO, AffyImmune. “These preclinical data build on the potential for AIC100 to be a first-in-class targeted therapy for ICAM-1-positive solid tumors with significant unmet medical need.”

“Advanced lung and cervical cancers continue to have unmet medical need despite our recent advances in targeted and immune therapy. There are few good options for patients who experience progression after initial therapy for metastatic disease,” said Jorge J. Nieva, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. “This promising preclinical data presented at AACR 2024 suggest that AIC100 could be a potential new option for patients with these ICAM-1-positive tumors.”

AIC100 is currently in Phase 1 trials for anaplastic and poorly differentiated thyroid cancer (NCT04420754).

About AffyImmune Therapeutics

AffyImmune is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to developing novel, first-in-class, affinity-tuned CAR T cell therapies to transform the lives of patients with cancer. The Company’s proprietary technology utilizing ICAM-1/LFA-1 interaction can potentially address all critical CAR T challenges such as toxicity, antigen loss, T-cell trafficking and exhaustion, while also allowing in vivo tracking of the CAR T cells. Its lead candidate, AIC100, is an ICAM-1-directed CAR T therapy being developed for patients with advanced thyroid cancer. AffyImmune is developing a focused pipeline of therapeutics targeting ICAM-1 in oncologic indications with high unmet medical need. AffyImmune is based in Natick, Mass. For more information, visit www.affyimmune.com.

SOURCE: AffyImmune Therapeutics