HAMILTON, Canada and HACKENSACK, NJ, USA I June 28, 2016 I Triumvira Immunologics Inc. today announced that its Head of Platform Development, Christopher Helsen, PhD, presented a talk entitled “T Cell-Antigen Coupler Engineered T Cells Demonstrate Efficacy Against Solid Tumors” during a plenary session at the Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy in Halifax, Nova Scotia yesterday. In addition, Triumvira’s Chief Scientific Officer, Jonathan Bramson, PhD, chaired a poster session at the conference and will chair the closing keynote session.

Dr. Helsen’s presentation described the rationale and design of Triumvira’s novel and proprietary T Cell-Antigen Coupler (TAC) technology, and the results of head-to-head comparisons of HER2-directed TAC-T cells to HER2-directed Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cells. Triumvira has previously reported a profound safety advantage for HER2-directed TAC-T cells compared to similarly directed CAR-T cells, which were found to cause lethal toxicity associated with a cytokine storm-like syndrome. New data presented at the Summit show for the first time that TAC-T cells have meaningfully improved efficacy over CAR-T cells in an ovarian cancer xenograft model, with a more rapid and robust anti-tumor effect.

Commenting on these results, Tony Fiorino, MD, PhD, Triumvira’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “These results show for the first time in vivo that TAC-T cells can not only offer an improved safety profile, but that they can be more effective at eliminating tumor cells as well. We are excited for the prospects of our TAC platform as we continue to move our lead programs to the clinic.”

The Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy (June 26-29, 2016) brings together the 9th annual Canadian Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CCIC) Symposium and the 1st annual scientific meeting of BioCanRx: Biotherapeutics for Cancer Treatment.

About Triumvira Immunologics Inc.

Triumvira Immunologics Inc. is a biotechnology company developing a novel platform for engineering T cells to attack cancers. Triumvira’s innovative and proprietary technology for reprogramming T cells, called the T Cell-Antigen Coupler (or TAC), may possess advantages over other approaches to engineered T cells owing to the distinct biology and regulated activation of TAC-T cells. Triumvira has licensed the TAC technology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and its goal is to begin human testing of TAC T cells by the end of 2017.

SOURCE: Triumvira Immunologics