BARCELONA, Spain I December 14, 2021 I La Merie Publishing announced the release of a report package of two reports for the price of one: 2FOR1 Report Package: Vectorized Antibody and Prodrug Antibody & Cytokine landscape analysis report package with 50% discount.

The full reports were released in July and October 2021, respectively. The reports address many of the limitations of conventional therapeutic antibodies and bring you up-to-date on emerging evolutionary antibody technologies:

Vectorized Antibodies for In Vivo Expression by DNA and mRNA


Masked Antibodies & Cytokines As Prodrugs

Both reports provide a landscape analysis of stakeholders, technologies, targets, business and financing from an industry perspective.


Passive immunotherapy with conventional recombinant monoclonal antibodies has become a clinically and commercially extremely successful treatment modality. Breakthroughs in recombinant antibody technologies have resulted in the regulatory approval and commercialization of over 100 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to treat a variety of diseases. Sales of recombinant therapeutic antibodies in the year 2020 exceeded US$ 184 bln (+11% vs previous year).

Antibody vectorization intends to overcome such limitations of conventional passive immunotherapy. Each of the three different approaches (AAV DNA, plasmid DNA and mRNA) for in vivo expression of antibodies has its specific profile of advantages and disadvantages.

The use of antibody prodrugs is one new strategy for more specific tumor targeting of biological therapies. Conventional prodrugs are pharmacologically inactive compounds that are converted into active forms in the body after administration. They can be designed to be activated at the intended site of action, thereby lowering exposure of normal tissues to active drug and minimizing toxicity.

Detailed report descriptions, tables of contents and a sample from the full report can be found on the respective product page.

This product 2FOR1 Report Package: Vectorized Antibody and Prodrug Antibody & Cytokine landscape analysis report package with 50% discount can be obtained at La Merie Publishing’s online store:

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