SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA I December 1, 2023 I 280Bio, Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of precision oncology medicines, today announced that the first patient was treated with TEB-17231 (YL-17231), a small molecule inhibitor of RAS signaling. 280Bio is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Yingli Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Yingli Pharma) of Shanghai, China.  KRAS, NRAS and HRAS genes are frequently mutated in many tumor indications causally associated with promoting tumor cell growth. TEB-17231 demonstrated potent inhibition of tumor cell proliferation in vitro and in vivo in preclinical research, exhibiting activity with different KRAS, NRAS and HRAS alterations, including tumors that have become resistant to KRAS G12C inhibitors.

“We are gratified that the first patient has been dosed with our novel pan-RAS inhibitor, marking a major step in TEB-17231’s clinical development, and introducing new medicines for the patients we hope to serve.” said Michael Hui, Chief Executive Officer of 280Bio Inc., “This milestone highlights our commitment to addressing unmet needs in cancers through precision oncology approaches. We look forward to continued enrollment and dosing of patients in this trial.”

This first US patient was enrolled at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, by David Hong, MD, Deputy Chair of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics and lead investigator on the trial.

Reflecting on the high unmet need for new cancer agents, Dr. Zusheng Xu, Head of Research and Development of Yingli Pharma, said “TEB-17231 was developed to have a broader activity against the oncogenic RAS signaling pathways, than is currently demonstrated for many of the KRAS inhibitors. With its excellent pharmacologic and in vivo anti-tumor properties, we are hopeful that TEB-17231 will also be determined to be safe and efficacious by continuous oral dosing in patients.”

About 280Bio

280Bio, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, is developing innovative precision small molecule inhibitors for the treatment of cancer. 280Bio is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Yingli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China (Yingli Pharma), with an oncology pipeline that is leveraging the strong medicinal chemistry and pharmacology capabilities of the company. 280Bio focuses on oral agents directed against frequently mutated genetic changes and well-validated genetic instability features of many cancers. TEB-17231 is part of a strategic collaboration of 280Bio with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, where further preclinical research of the investigational drug is continuing. The collaboration also is currently advancing clinical development in the U.S./E.U. of two other drugs, linpersilib (PI3Kδ inhibitor from Yingli Pharma, approved in China in 2022) in a T-cell lymphoma Phase 2 trial, and YL-13027 (TGFβR1 inhibitor from Yingli Pharma) in a Phase 1 dose escalation study.

SOURCE: 280Bio