Small Molecules

19 Apr 2007 AVN944 Shows Potent Antiproliferative Activity in Human Endothelial Cells
19 Apr 2007 Cytokinetics Announces Non-Clinical Trial Data Presented at 2007 AACR Annual Meeting
19 Apr 2007 Osteologix Completes Enrollment in Clinical Trial of Investigational Drug for Osteoporosis
19 Apr 2007 Bionovo Enrolls First Patient on Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial of BZL101 for the Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer
19 Apr 2007 Idera Pharmaceuticals Announces Presentations of Preclinical Data on New Potential Oncology Applications of its TLR9 Agonists at AACR
19 Apr 2007 Gemin X Presents Positive Preclinical Data of GX15-070 in Infant ALL at AACR Meeting
19 Apr 2007 INNOVIVE Pharmaceuticals Announces Preclinical Data from INNO-206 Oncology Program
19 Apr 2007 Sciele Begins to Enroll Patients in a Pivotal Phase III Clinical Trial for the Combination of Pravastatin and Fenofibrate
19 Apr 2007 Kosan Presents Preclinical Data on Nuclear Export Inhibitors, Novel Anticancer Agents, at AACR
19 Apr 2007 Schering-Plough Announces ZETIA Approved in Japan for Treatment of High Cholesterol
18 Apr 2007 Curis Announces Hedgehog and Wnt Antagonist Data Presentation at AACR
18 Apr 2007 GTx Announces Ostarine(TM) Improved Insulin Resistance among Elderly Patients in a Recently Completed Phase II Clinical Trial
18 Apr 2007 Reclast(R) receives US approval as a highly effective treatment for patients with Paget's disease of the bone
18 Apr 2007 Bionomics Presents Cancer Data at ACCR Conference
18 Apr 2007 AEterna Zentaris Discloses In Vivo Data for its GHRH Antagonist JMR-132 at the AACR Annual Meeting in Los Angeles
18 Apr 2007 EntreMed Presents Multi-Mechanism Results for ENMD-1198 at AACR Annual Meeting
18 Apr 2007 Myriad Genetics Presents Azixa's Mode of Action at AACR
18 Apr 2007 Telik Reports Positive Data Demonstrating Synergy in Combination and Highly Statistically Significant Effect of TELCYTA as Maintenance Therapy in First-Line Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
18 Apr 2007 Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Initiates Enrollment in a Phase 2 Study of MM-093 in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
18 Apr 2007 Neurotech Initiates two Phase II/III Clinical Trials of NT-501 for the Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa
18 Apr 2007 Enzon's PEG-SN38 Shows Anti-Tumor Activity in Resistant Preclinical Tumor Models
18 Apr 2007 Cougar Biotechnology Presents Positive CB7630 Clinical Data at AACR Annual Meeting Late-Breaking Clinical Trials Session
18 Apr 2007 Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals reports preclinical Seliciclib-Erlotinib synergy data at AACR
18 Apr 2007 ZIOPHARM Presents Data Highlighting Oral ZIO-101 at AACR
18 Apr 2007 Anadys Reports Preclinical Data Showing ANA773 Promotes Anti-Tumor Activity of Natural Killer Cells

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