Small Molecules

18 Apr 2007 Anadys Reports Preclinical Data Showing ANA773 Promotes Anti-Tumor Activity of Natural Killer Cells
18 Apr 2007 Novacea Presents New Evidence That Its AQ4N Prodrug Candidate Selectively Targets Oxygen-Starved Regions in Tumors
18 Apr 2007 Salix Pharmaceuticals Licenses DIACOL(TM) To Dr. Falk Pharma in Europe
17 Apr 2007 Data supporting three Antisoma programmes presented at AACR
17 Apr 2007 Genzyme Announces Successful Completion of Study Investigating Sevelamer Carbonate in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
17 Apr 2007 ZIOPHARM Presents Unique Mechanism Data for Indibulin at AACR
17 Apr 2007 EntreMed Presents Multi-Mechanism Antitumor Data for ENMD-1420 in Preclinical Models
17 Apr 2007 Kosan Presents Preclinical Antitumor and Safety Data On Next-Generation Epothilone KOS-1803 at AACR
17 Apr 2007 Kosan Presents Data on Cardiac Safety Profile of Hsp90 Inhibitor Tanespimycin (KOS-953) at AACR
17 Apr 2007 Achillion Presents Positive Data on Novel Mechanism for Treating HCV at EASL Annual Meeting
17 Apr 2007 Sunesis Presents Data Supporting SNS-032's Potential Anticancer Activity in Multiple Myeloma at the American Association for Cancer Research Meeting
17 Apr 2007 Kalypsys Initiates Second Phase I Clinical Trial of Topical iNOS Inhibitor
17 Apr 2007 Bio3 Research and Daxley Group announce a Phase III trial will start in Mexico in May 2007 to evaluate the supportive treatment of Biocysan(TM), oral cysteine, in hemodialysed patients (End Stage Renal Disease)
17 Apr 2007 Progen's Phase 2 Liver Cancer Trial Exceeds Efficacy Objective
17 Apr 2007 FDA Accepts GPC Biotech's Satraplatin NDA for Filing and Grants Priority Review Status
17 Apr 2007 Biomira selects PX-866 as clinical development candidate and presents promising preclinical data at AACR
17 Apr 2007 The Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium and Nereus Pharmaceuticals Initiate Clinical Trial Investigating NPI-0052 to Treat Multiple Myeloma
17 Apr 2007 Metabasis Therapeutics Presents Results of a Clinical Study for Its Novel Liver-Targeted Product Candidate for the Treatment of HCC at American Association for Cancer Research
17 Apr 2007 ZIOPHARM Presents Data on Orally Active ZIO-201 at AACR
16 Apr 2007 Tapestry Pharmaceuticals Presents Data on TPI at the AACR Annual Meeting 2007
16 Apr 2007 INNOVIVE Pharmaceuticals Announces Interim Phase I Data on INNO-406 for the Treatment of Gleevec-resistant or Intolerant Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
15 Apr 2007 Interim Results Presented at EASL from PROVE 1 Clinical Trial of Investigational Drug Telaprevir in Patients with Genotype 1 Hepatitis C
14 Apr 2007 Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Licenses Selective Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor MS-275
14 Apr 2007 CORRECTING and REPLACING FDA Advisory Committee Recommends Against Approval for Merck's NDA for ARCOXIA(R) (etoricoxib)
14 Apr 2007 ANA380 Exhibits Activity In Vitro Against Multiple Clinically Relevant Hepatitis B Virus Mutants

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