DNA RNA and Cells

10 May 2007 Bristol-Myers Squibb Enters Cardiovascular Disease Collaboration With Isis Pharmaceuticals
08 May 2007 Alnylam Reports Results of Human Experimental Infection Model with Respiratory Syncytial Virus
08 May 2007 FDA Approves Aastrom Phase III IND for Treatment of Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head
08 May 2007 Precursor Cells Generated From Human Embryonic Stem Cells Show Ability to Repair Vascular Damage in Animals
03 May 2007 Ceregene Presents Interim Phase 1 Clinical Data of CERE-110 for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
03 May 2007 Expression Genetics, Inc. Receives Orphan Drug Grant from FDA for Clinical Development of EGEN-001 for Treatment of Ovarian Cancer
03 May 2007 FDA Clearance Received For Heart Attack Stem Cell Clinical Trial
03 May 2007 Nucleonics Receives FDA Clearance to Begin Phase 1 Trial of Expressed RNAi Approach to Treating Chronic Hepatitis B Infections
02 May 2007 Cardium Advancing Excellarate to Phase 2b Clinical Study
02 May 2007 University College London, Moorfields Eye Hospital and Targeted Genetics Initiate Phase I/II Clinical Trial of Gene Therapy for Childhood Blindness
01 May 2007 Aastrom Initiates Adult Stem Cell Clinical Trial for Peripheral Arterial Disease
01 May 2007 New Report Illuminates Ampligen(R)'s Unique Mechanism of Action
28 Apr 2007 CHMP Adopts Negative Opinion on Genasense(R) Application in Melanoma
28 Apr 2007 Ark Therapeutics Grp - Regulatory Update
27 Apr 2007 Sangamo BioSciences Initiates Additional Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Novel Therapy for Moderate to Severe Diabetic Neuropathy
25 Apr 2007 Ark Therapeutics Grp - Research Update
19 Apr 2007 Santaris Pharma presents positive preclinical data on SPC2996 at the American Association for Cancer Research
18 Apr 2007 Lorus Therapeutics Announces Scientific Presentations for Lead Antisense and siRNA Drug Candidates at International Cancer Conference
18 Apr 2007 Alnylam Announces Advancement of a New RNAi Therapeutic Development Program for the Treatment of Liver Cancer
18 Apr 2007 Introgen's Intravenous Nanoparticle Gene Therapy Shows Activity in Stage IV Lung Cancer Patients
18 Apr 2007 ProNAi Announces Preclinical Success for PNT2258 Therapeutic – Curative Events in Xenograft Mice for Difficult-to-Treat Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
17 Apr 2007 Arrowhead Subsidiaries Insert & Calando Present Data on Cyclosert Drug Delivery System at AACR Meeting
17 Apr 2007 Ceregene Presents Long Term Follow-Up Data From Phase 1 Trial of CERE-120 Demonstrating Improved Motor Function in Parkinson's Patients
17 Apr 2007 Regulatory Review Allows LCT Diabetes Clinical Program to Proceed
17 Apr 2007 Bioniche Presents Additional Data on the Anticancer Activity of MCC Against Peritoneal Carcinomatosis

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